Boom Barrier – Tips and Guidelines

Automatic Godrej Boom Barriers offer efficient Security at the exit and the entry points of Factories, Office Complexes, Condominiums, Parking lots, Toll tax plazas or any road-way entry where medium to heavy traffic is expected. It ensures your security for your buildings, Electronic Accessories etc. designed for heavy-duty operation Godrej Boom Barrier with sleek and modern looks.

In case of Vehicles the Boom Barrier’ s optional beam sensor provides further Protection. Dual speed and electronic braking of the Road Barriers optimize time and maximize safety. These unique features of the road barrier ensure quick opening and closing of the boom with soft landing. The Road Barriers have a great choice as they could be integrated into or linked to any number of remote systems. Such examples are Automatic Number Plate Recognition System, token system wherein, standard issue tokens or even high security tokens could be integrated into the existing system.

Almost all the automatic road barriers are a very important part of the efficient traffic management system that is seeing increasing usage day by day all over the world. The Boom Barrier is activated either by a single touch push button or remote control. Electronic control panel of the Traffic Barrier is designed such a way that it has to accept signals from optional controls and safety accessories like Beam Sensor, Smart Card Reader, Loop detectors etc.

Road Barriers offer you traffic control with an attractive package of road signal devices such as Road Barriers, Spike Road Blocks, Pedestrian Controllers, Parking Control Signals etc. Steel Boom Barrier is designed to prevent forced vehicle entries, vehicle ramming and vehicle based terrorist attack. Security sensitive sites are making use of Hump Spike Road Block, Flat Spike Road Block, Turnstile Security Gates, Flap Barriers etc.